Our Story

The foundation of this ministry is a Bible-based program designed to help women heal from childhood sexual abuse (CSA).  The Program was written by Jill Murphy, and in 2014, she partnered with Mary Varughese in the ministry. Over the years, they have shared a common desire to help women find permanent healing from the damaging effects of CSA. Together, they counsel women 1-on-1 and provide  leadership training for Hearts Unveiled Childhood Sexual Abuse Support Groups around the world.

OUR MISSION is to reach as many women as possible across the world and aid them in being truly healed, breaking-free from the hold abuse has on their lives and having hope restored in them again.

Ministry Leaders

Jill Murphy

Jill Murphy

Jill Murphy resides in Jupiter, FL, and is the mother of 4, mother-in-law of 3, grandmother of 16, and great grandmother of 3.  She is one of the authors in the best-selling book, Tears to Triumph, and she is the Founder of the Hearts Unveiled Ministries and the Author of The Program: Hearts Unveiled manual. This handbook is used in her 1-on-1 Counseling Sessions as well as leadership training for Hearts Unveiled Childhood Sexual Abuse Support Groups around the world.

Mary Varughese

Mary Varughese

Mary resides in Bangalore, India, and is the mother of 3. She is a Psychologist, Counselor, Teacher, and Speaker with 20 years of experience. Through their international division of the Hearts Unveiled program, Radiant Faces, Mary leads Hearts Unveiled Childhood Sexual Abuse Support Groups in India and Counsels 1-on-1 with adult survivors in Australia, Dubai, India, and Kenya. She is currently pursuing her PhD.


“The material was comprehensive and in an intentional order. I didn’t have to sort through everything all at once.  I feel like this material is so accessible… Not too hard or too long, but yet so relevant!  I have benefitted so greatly from it!”
~ Texas

“My journey was completely unexpected, but it was totally worth it. I did not realize how bruised and broken I was until I allowed God to reveal himself to me, heal me, and walk with me on this road to recovery.  I cherish the conversations I had with Mary, because they gave me fresh insight and perspective on things that I had seen wrongly for far too long. Today, I’m well emotionally, physically, and spiritually because of what the Holy Spirit did in me through each session.”
~ India