By Jill Murphy

Other Words Could Not or Fail to Do So

The inspiration for my blog articles is found in music. Music has played a very important role in my life, and I can distinctly remember certain songs that I heard at very significant and sometimes troubling times throughout the years. These songs seemed to be able to minister to me in ways other words could not or failed to do so. So, the wisdom I share with you is the result of things I learned along the way as I listened to music. I hope these messages will bless you and that you’ll come back often to read my latest posts.

Healing is Possible

I’ve chosen the song “Burn the Ships,” because I believe it encompasses the primary mission of our ministry. What I’ve come to realize as I counsel women is that dealing with the past is crucial not only to their ability to cope and function in healthy ways but also to enable them to thrive and fulfill their God-given calling. Merely ignoring or suppressing painful events in your past will only delay the inevitable if you’re going to grow and mature in your Christian walk. The alternative is to continue to struggle and settle for a lukewarm spiritual life (Revelation 3:15). Our desire is to help anyone who’s willing to confront their pain finally find permanent healing through the “Hearts Unveiled” program.

Surrender All of Your Hurts

The artists of for King & Country say it better than I ever could in their interviews upon release of the song, “Burn the Ships,” when they talk about the need to put the past behind us (see lyrics below); however, as I talk about in the Hearts Unveiled program, we must first be willing to surrender all of our hurts from the past and let God come in and do His healing work. It is then that we can truly put the past behind us and not feel the need to look back again, because we begin to see that God has a purpose He intended for us apart from the pain of sexual abuse and wants to bring that to fulfillment.

Are You Going to Burn the Ships of Your Past?

Before this traumatic event entered your life, God had a specific idea of who you were going to be and what you were going to do, and nothing that has happened to you in this life can change that unless you let it (found in the chapter I wrote for the book, Tears to Triumph).  You hold the match!  Are you going to hold yourself back from moving on, or are you going to burn the ships of your past?


by for King & Country

How did we get here?
We’re cast away on a lonely shore.
I can see in your eyes, dear,
it’s hard to take for a moment more.
We’ve got to…

Burn the ships, cut the ties,
send a flare into the night,
say a prayer, turn the tide,
dry your tears and wave goodbye.

Step into a new day.
We can rise up from the dust and walk away.
We can dance upon the heartache;
so light a match, leave the past, burn the ships,
and don’t you look back.

Don’t let it arrest you,
this fear of fallin’ again,
and, if you need a refuge,
I will be right here until the end.

So long to shame; walk through the sorrow,
out of the fire into tomorrow.
So flush the pills, face the fear,
feel the weight disappear.
We’re comin’ clean; we’re born again.
Our hopeful lungs can breathe again.
Oh, we can breathe again.

Album:  Burn the Ships
Written by:  Aqualung, Seth Mosley, Luke Smallbone & Joel Smallbone
Produced by:  Tedd T, Aqualung, Seth Mosley & for King & Country
Release Date:  September 28, 2018
Band Website:

In a newsletter following the release of this song, Luke Smallbone said, “Years ago, I read a book about a Spanish explorer who arrived in a foreign land with all of his ships and men; however, the men didn’t want to explore this new territory. They wanted to stay within the confines of their ship, because it was familiar, and they were afraid to take a risk and step into the unknown. After calling his men to shore, the explorer gave the order to ‘BURN THE SHIPS’ so that they could never retreat. They could only move forward. Joel and I (of for King & Country) really resonated with this story of surrendering the past and stepping into a new day, and so it inspired this song and album title.”

The band had this to say about the title track, “The song was conceived in a moment when my wife, Courtney, was battling fear, shame, and addiction. While pregnant with our son, Phoenix, she was taking an anti-nausea drug and became addicted to it. We went on this pilgrimage of figuring out how to overcome this – she went to outpatient therapy, but for the next year was still taking Benadryl and Tylenol PM. I came home one day and found her crying. She said, ‘I’m flushing all the pills. I want to be fully present for my life, not numb anymore. I’m not going back. It’s a new day.’ From that moment on, she has no longer been bound by the shame and guilt from her past. Her story, paired with the one I read of the Spanish explorer ordering his men to “BURN THE SHIPS” is what inspired the message behind this album. So let this be your battle cry…an invitation to leave the past behind, burn your ships, and step into a new day!”

The artists also said this about the song, “Are there ships you need to burn in your life? What from your past has kept you silent and held you back from freedom?”